The dresses behind our V-LUXE Silk Chiffon Collection

All the glitz and glam of award season in Hollywood has got us thinking about the stunning dresses that inspired our V-LUXE Silk Chiffon Collection.

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Different eye shapes & lashes to match

We’re talking helping you discover your eye shape and the looks and lashes that work best for you.

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New Year’s resolutions done right

If you’re looking for a little 2018 resolutions inspo, here are our top 5 suggestions!

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Work your holiday look

It might be freezing and snowy out, but we don’t care – ‘tis the season bring it! Here are a few of our fave looks for the holidays!

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Instagram beauty babes try our brand-new collection

When we created our V-LUXE Silk Chiffon Collection, we couldn’t wait to see what our glam fam would do with them!

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Introducing the V-LUXE Silk Chiffon Collection

New collections are a pretty big deal around here. The V-LUXE Silk Chiffon Collection is one of our most stunning to date.

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Thania Gonzalez Q&A

We chatted with Thania Gonzalez, well known in the YouTube world for her in-depth beauty tutorials and I-want-her-look looks.

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Halloween Looks & Lashes

It’s that time of the year when all the fab-est ladies are putting the details of their most head turning looks together, right down to the lash. We’re here to help.

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When it doubt… Wing it!

This is for all our cat eye-loving ladies who know that a little help along the way can be the difference between sizzling and fizzling.

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Makeup artist tips & tricks

We recently cornered one of our photo shoot makeup artists, Michelle Coursey, and forced her to tell us all about her life as a makeup artist.

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Wedding faves for every bridesmaid

In the spirit of wedding season, we’ve put together a must-have lash list for the different kinds of wedding day wing-women out there.

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Gluing it right!

When it comes to bringing your strongest lash game every day, if you’re gonna do it right, you gotta glue it right!

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